"The most technologically advanced sailplane in the world."

The most technologically advanced sailplane in the worldThe SZD-59 ACRO is a dual-purpose single-seat all-composite sailplane.More and more pilots are discovering the challenge and excitement of sailplane aerobatics, whether for competition or pure enjoyment. Until now, however, most sailplane designes were optimized for either soaring or aerobatic performance, but not both. Now with the SZD-59 Acro, it is possible to have a virtually unlimited aerobatics glider and a 40:1 Standard Class sailplane in the same aircraft. The secret to this versatility is the Acro`s detachable wingtips. In its full configuration, the SZD-59 has the same excellent flying qualities and soaring performance as the legendary Standard Jantar, from which it was derived. With its 150 liter water tank capacity and 285 km/h top speed, the Acro rivals the best standard sailplanes. But with the wingtips removed (a simple two-minutes task) the SZD-59 transforms into a 13.2 meter, fast-rolling, "unlimited" aerobatic glider, which can perform just about any manoeuvre you can imagine, up to +7/-5 gs. In either configuration, the SZD-59 is one of the smoothest, quietest and best balanced sailplanes ever produced. Of course it is JAR-22 certified (U/A Category) and comes standard with such features as a five-point harness, in-flight adjustable rudder pedals, adjustable back rest, and fully automatic control connections. Fly the SZD-59 Acro, it may just be the best "two" sailplanes youve ever flown!

Technical Data




Wing Area

Aspect Ratio

Empty Glider Mass

All-up Mass

Wing Loading Range

Load Factors

Maximum L/D (V=124 km/h)

Minimum Sinking (V=97 km/h)

Never Exceed Speed

Factory Warranty

15,00 m

6,85 m

1,50 m

10,66 m


270 kg

540 kg

31,0 - 50,7 kg/m



0,77 m/s

285 km/h

24 months

13,20 m

6,85 m

1,50 m

9,80 m


265 kg

380 kg




0,7 m/s

280 km/h

24 months