sailplane MCR 4S The initial studies of the four-seat MCR-4S started in early 1994 while we were developing the MCR VLA. The VLA appears first in 1996 and permits the development of the general technology. The airframe, and the high lift devices, such as the double slotted flaps were initially designed to equipped the MCR UL, meanwhile, the command system was directly coming from the MCR CLUB technology in 1998.
The objective was to develop, what most thought impossible at that time:
"A four seat airplane with STOL performance, equipped with a light 100 HP engine”
The 4-S maiden flight was in June 2000.
The MCR 4-S is the only airplane in the aviation world to provide pilots with such an amazing Performance/Economy ratio. Its concept makes it to be the perfect travel aircraft, able to fly comfortably with four people onboard, cruising at more than 250 km/h, and burning only 20 L/h with a 100 hp engine.
Those performances can only be reached because of the MCR 4-S very light empty weight. The aircraft can carry up to 150% of its own empty weight!
The research of a very elaborated aerodynamic design, with wing-tips optimized in wind-tunnel, and high efficiency double slotted flaps, provide the MCR 4-S with amazing STOL performances.
Designed around a roomy cockpit; 1,20m width at the rear seats, build to allow four people up to 1,95m tall to be easily seated in the airplane.
The aircraft is equipped with a very strong oil-pneumatic undercarriage, allowing landings on any type of runways.
The MCR-4S can be equipped with a choice of different power plants, but may also be fitted with other options such as:
Ballistic Recovery System parachute
Extended range fuel tanks
Toe operated Hydraulic brakes
The MCR-4S is available in kit form in respect with the CNSK regulation (specific kit airworthiness certificate) or in the “experimental” category ,depending on the registration country.

Technische Daten:

Wing span 8,72 m
Wing area 8,30 m²
Aspect ratio 9,20
Cabin Width 1,20
Fuel capacity standard 2 x 65 l
Extended range fuel tanks 2 x 100 l
Empty weight (Basic version) 300 kg
Equipped empty weight 350 kg
Max. Takeoff weight 750 kg
Wing loading 90 kg/m²
Propeller Two, or three blades
fix pitch or constant speed
Rotax 912S Engine 100 hp
Rotax 914 turbo charged Engine 100/115 hp
Jabiru 3300 Engine
(still in development)
120 hp
V Speed  
VSO (stall speed landing configuration) 83 km/h
Va (Maneuvering speed) 219 km/h
Vne (Never exceeding speed) 270 km/h
Design maneuvering speed 300 km/h
Vno (Normal Operation Speed) 243 km/h
G loading +3.8 /-1.5 g
Vfe (Flaps extended speed) 160 km/h
ENGINE R 912S R 914
Power plant hp 95/100 100/115
Cruising 75%, FL 0 (km/h) 245 245
Cruising 75%, FL 80 (km/h) 263 272
Fuel consumption 75% (liters/h) 20.7 20.7
Range ,std Tanks 75% (km) 1709 1709
Cruising 65% FL110 (km/h) 255 255
Fuel consumption 65% (liters/h) 17.9 17.9
Range ,std Tanks 65% (km) 1846 1846
Takeoff roll; CS. Prop (m) 350 295
Climb rate FL 0, CS. Prop (ft/min) 750 900
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