sailplane MCR CLUB The MCR ULC specifications were established in 1996, defining it as an ultra-light airplane based on the FAI requirements.
First flight was done in April 1997 Based on the VLA design, with the same fuselage and engine installation, the FAI ultra-light MCR-ULC was specifically designed for fast cruise and optimized for slow approach speeds.
The ULC characteristics lie in its unique wing design, involving a greater span and area, as well as split double slotted fowler flaps and ailerons This sophisticated wing concept allows the MCR ULC to reach an unprecedented maximum to stall speed ratio of 4, although it guarantees a very gentle behavior in rough air conditions and a high safety level.
The MCR ULC can be equipped with a choice of different power plants, but may also be fitted with other options such as:
Ballistic Recovery System parachute
Oil Pneumatic under carriage (for intensive use)
Extended ferrying fuel
Toe operated Hydraulic brakes
Fuselage footsteps
The MCR ULC can be delivered in kit, or ready-to-fly.
The MCR ULC is available in a kit form in respect with the CNSK regulation (specific kit airworthiness certificate) or in the “experimental” category, depending on the registration country.
Ready-to-fly delivered aircraft are in the Ultra-light category.

Technische Daten:

Wing span 8,64 m
Wing area 8,13 m²
Aspect ratio 9,18
Cabin Width 1,12
Fuel capacity standard 80 l
Extended range fuel tanks 2 x 40 l
Empty weight (Basic version) 230 kg
Equipped empty weight 270 kg
Max. Takeoff weight 472 kg
Wing loading 58 kg/m²
Propeller Two, or three blades
fix pitch or constant speed
Rotax 912 Engine 80 hp
Rotax 912S Engine 100 hp
Jabiru 2200 Engine
(still in development)
80 hp
V Speed  
VSO (stall speed landing configuration) 63 km/h
Va (Maneuvering speed) 172 km/h
Vne (Never exceeding speed) 270 km/h
Design maneuvering speed 300 km/h
Vno (Normal Operation Speed) 210 km/h
G loading +4 /-2 g
Vfe (Flaps extended speed) 140 km/h
ENGINE R 912 R 912S
Power plant hp 80 100
Cruising 75%, FL 0 (km/h) 250 271
Cruising 75%, FL 80 (km/h) 270 293
Fuel consumption 75% (liters/h) 17.1 21.3
Range ,std Tanks 75% (km) 1245 1097
Cruising 65% FL110 (km/h) 265 288
Fuel consumption 65% (liters/h) 14.8 18.5
Range ,std Tanks 65% (km) 1432 1264
Takeoff roll; CS. Prop (m) 140 112
Climb rate FL 0, CS. Prop (ft/min) 1750 1950
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