sailplane MCR VLA The MCR VLA “Sportster” is a direct evolution of Michel COLOMBANT MC 100, but with a technology that made possible the development of a kit airplane available to any pilot. The initial design program started in early 1994, and the VLA flew for the first time in July 1996.
The MCR VLA is a side by side two-seater airplane with incredible performance and capability. Fast and agile, the VLA was specially designed to reach top speed while providing the most enjoyable experience to pilots.
The MCR VLA is a very high performance aircraft, that can cruise as fast as 300 km/h with only a 100 hp engine, at very low cost. Thanks to the highest level of technology available, and very light material, the VLA has a very efficient direct control system that guarantees the same satisfaction as flying a fighter jet.
The MCR-VLA can be equipped with a choice of different power plants, but may also be fitted with other options such as: Ballistic Recovery System parachute Extended range wing tanks. Toe operated Hydraulic brakes The MCR-VLA is available in kit form in respect with the CNSK regulation (specific kit airworthiness certificate) or in the “experimental” category depending on the registration country.

Technische Daten:

Wing span 6,63 m
Wing area 5.20 m²
Aspect ratio 8,45
Cabin Width 1,12
Fuel capacity standard 80 l
Extended range fuel tanks 2 x 50 l
Empty weight (Basic version) 220 kg
Equipped empty weight 260 kg
Max. Takeoff weight 490 kg
Wing loading 86 kg/m²
Propeller Two, or three blades
fix pitch or constant speed
Rotax 912 Engine 80 hp
Rotax 912S Engine 100 hp
Rotax 914 turbo charged Engine 100 hp
Jabiru 2200 Engine
(still in development)
80 hp
V Speed  
VSO (stall speed landing configuration) 87 km/h
Va (Maneuvering speed) 225 km/h
Vne ( Never exceeding speed) 320 km/h
Design maneuvering speed 355 km/h
Vno (Normal Operation Speed) 260 km/h
G loading +4 /-2 g
Vfe (Flaps extended speed) 170 km/h
ENGINE R 912 R 912S
Power plant hp 80 100
Cruising 75%, FL 0 (km/h) 272 295
Cruising 75%, FL 80 (km/h) 292 318
Fuel consumption 75% (liters/h) 17.1 21.3
Range ,std Tanks 75% (km) 1 366 1 194
Cruising 65% FL110 (km/h) 286 312
Fuel consumption 65% (liters/h) 14.8 18.5
Range ,std Tanks 65% (km) 1 545 1 375
Takeoff roll; CS. Prop (m) 190 152
Climb rate FL 0, CS. Prop (ft/min) 1550 1750
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