".... a serious contender for the title of the world`s best."

a serious contender for the title of the world`s bestThe SZD-55-1 is a very modern high - performance Standard Class sailplane designed for the serious competition pilot. At the same time, the very good characteristics and manoeuvreability make it the perfect plane both for aeroclubs and for skilled pilots. Its outstanding performance in a wide range of soaring conditions constantly places it at top in international soaring competititons. The SZD-55`s exceptional performance has been achieved through the use of a unique trapezoid/elliptical wing planform in conjunction with a specially designed NN-27 airfoil which has been optimized to function well without reliance on winglets, turbulators or other devices. Equally important are advances in engineering and manufacturing technology which result in a very low empty weight of around 215 kg without sacrificing strenght or relying on exotic materials. With the lowest empty weight in ist class and provision for up to 195 kg of water ballast, the SZD-55-1 has exceptional operating flexibility. And with its elevator trim on the control stick and a small water tail ballast tank, the sailplane can be precisely trimmed for any flight condition. Pilot comfort has not been overlooked either. The SZD-55`s comfortable ergonomic cockpit features a fully adjustable back rest and in-flight adjustable rudder pedals. And with wings weight of only 55 kg and fully automatic coupling of all controls the SZD-55-1 is dream ship for the ground crew as well as the pilot. Careful attention to every design detail has made the SZD-55-1 the top performing standards class sailplane with >43:1 glide ratio (measured) and thermalling power that far surpasses its rivals. Furthermore, the SZD-55 is also regarded by experienced pilots as one of the most pleasant high performance sailplanes to fly. The SZD-55-1 ... It`s the one to fly if you fly to win!

Technical Data




Wing Area

Aspect Ratio

Empty Glider Mass

All-up Mass

Wing Loading Range

Load Factors

Maximum L/D (at V = 110 km/h)

Minimum Sinking (at V = 100 km/h)

Never Exceed Speed

Factory Warranty

15,00 m

6,85 m

1,47 m

9,6 mē


215 +/-5 kg

500 kg

28,5 - 52,1



0,68 m/s

255 km/h

24 month